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Performers Wellness Programme

This program has been designed over a number of years having identified the main stressors within young performers. It is specifically designed for performers, providing them with the tools to identify, embrace and LOVE the performer they are! 

Course can be run over a one day intensive workshop or a course of 6 weeks and covers the following:

- Guided Meditation

- Mindfulness

- Knowledge of the body

- Confidence Building

- Social Media Pressure

- Audition Anxiety

We also work through strength and flexibility using Yoga and Pilates.

Enquire below about dates available in your location

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Yoga For Dancers

Take your training to another level with our Yoga classes, specifically designed for dancers.

Aimed at loosening out tired over worked muscles whilst focusing the mind,  taught by professionally trained dancer Aoibheann. 

Young people training in Performing Arts can benefit hugely from guidance during these formative years, and who better to provide this guidance than someone who has walked that path herself. 

Aoibheann can offer a gentle guide through keeping a healthy body & mind within the industry.

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"We recently had the pleasure of having Aoibheann from Get Up and Glow, hold an online Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop for our students via Zoom. Our students really enjoyed the workshop and were fully engaged throughout, as we are a dance school Aoibheann created a Yoga session to suit our dancers needs and gave them things they can incorporate into their weekly/daily routine. The Mindfulness aspect was just what they needed, I cannot recommend this enough for students and I am very much looking forward to having another session with Get Up and Glow again soon, Thank You"

Clarissa Michaux


The Academy of Dance 

Director & Principal Teacher

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