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We are delighted to introduce our Glow Crazy Afterschool classes! We aim to bring out the best in children, building confidence through having fun! 

Within each module (Fun dance, interactive games, drama & role play) we aim to promote positive growth and strength within each child. We nurture growing minds and bodies through active learning and loads of energy! The main goal? HAVE FUN! 

Keep an eye out for our next term start date!

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Specifically aimed at Primary and Secondary Schools, our Glow Crazy Kids and Glow Teens programmes aim to introduce children and young adults to the benefits of fitness and mindfulness



Glow Crazy combines unique interactive games, yoga, mindfulness, and dance all targeted towards each age range/class. Our aim is to flow with the natural pace and energy of children rather than against it. Whilst working in secondary schools and within dance schools (children at primary school level) over the past 6 years, we have learned what techniques work positively and which don't. 



Glow Crazy runs on 3 modules which are rotated throughout the term:

1. Glow Crazy Dynamic Dance - 

Working the entire body through fun guided dances. We create a high energy, colorful and verbal vibe!

2. GlowYoga - 

A combination of light yoga movement, poses and postures alongside mindfulness and guided breathing. This has been very specifically designed and structured to each age group

3. Glow Crazy - Bored? Games! 

These have been created by Aoibheann and are unique to the Glow Crazy brand. 

 - Glow Buzz Bingo

A high energy, musical blast version of bingo. Its fun, interactive, and fast-paced! 

 - Lifesize Guess Who? 

This is a teamwork game, lots of energy, and laughter! 

4.  Glow Getters Phys Quiz

A get-up and glow physical quiz where we incorporate both brains and bodies, mystery, and music! 



This programme specifically targets children at Secondary School level. We aim to expand the mind & nurture the body through a combination of yoga, Pilates & guided meditations

Our typical programme runs one day a week over 6 weeks but can be tailored to your class times and needs. Each week focuses on a different area of physical or mental wellbeing. 


I couldn’t recommend “Glow Crazy” highly enough. They came to our school for 6 weeks and delivered an excellent, safe, interactive, energetic programme. Each week they presented a new socially distanced engaging activity for the girls. Activities included dance, meditation, Yoga, Pilates, games and interactive quizzes. 

Every activity was carefully prepared and made sure that the girls were socially distancing at all times. The instructors were highly professional and adhered to guidelines throughout the 6 weeks. The girls absolutely loved it! 

Cormac Henry - Principal, St. Eithnes GNS, Edenmore

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