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Aoibheann is our Glow personal trainer and confidence coach -  specialising in womens physical fitness and emotional strength. 

All Over Wellness

Aoibheann is a qualified PT, yoga instructor and life coach. Whether it's weight management, body conditioning or some inner calm with meditation you require, Aoibheann can structure sessions to suit you!

Why not try a combination of all three to really get the body & mind in tip-top shape!

Personal Training For Women

I have developed a programme that focuses on women - Their body types, hormonal influences and loss of confidence within themselves. Over the years the fitness industry has exploded with a plethora of diets, trends and social media influences, but what’s good? And who’s right? I’m here to get back to basics - simple workouts, easy to follow taks and manageable nutritional plans. It’s about sustainability, implementing a programme that lasts. I have confidence in every client and believe that every client can find their own confidence to love and enjoy their body


Whether it’s hybrid or remote, let’s get you GLOWING! 

What clients are saying... 
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I had tried all the diets you can think of, joined a number of gyms & exercise classes but nothing seemed to work. Once I started with Aoibheann, I really started to enjoy working out ; I was seeing the difference within weeks. My mindset changed & I looked forward to our sessions. I was very self conscious but from day one Aoibheann made me feel so at ease. Our workouts are fun and I always finish smiling even if she does put me through my paces! The results speak for themselves & Aoibheann is second to none. I couldn’t and wouldn’t recommend anyone else to help you along YOUR journey.

- Laura

"My work schedule was really hectic and I couldn't find the motivation to go to the gym, I was bored of jogging and had clocked up some little injuries. Personal Training with Aoibheann was a great addition, it fits around my work (and life!) schedule. The sessions are challenging, fun and adaptive to how I am feeling on the day. I've learnt so much about listening to my body, how to get the most out of my workout and how to have fun- it truly is more than just working out!’

- Seana

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